Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Polling people who agree with you.........

A quick note to anyone visiting the blog today......we are sad to report that today's right-wing twittersphere has been rather lacking in tweets worthy of our notice.  We believe this is due to the fact that most right-wingers are in mourning or, at the very least, having a bad case of the SADZ.  You see, the passing of same-sex marriage in both Illinois and Hawaii in such short time span has them confused, frightened and feeling which we say: GOOD.

Now, that being said, Peter "Porno Pete" Lababera has not been away from twitter. Case in point, his second bizarro tweet today. And this one's a winner on so many levels, it's a special kind of WTF of cognitive dissonance.  

Some quick background: during the 2012 election, in which Nate Silver expertly and correctly predicted the outcome using mathematics and non-skewed data, Rasmussen Polling, a republican/conservative group, predicted a Romney landslide of over 350 electoral college votes. As we all know, they were dead wrong.....DEAD wrong.  This is important as it relates to the tweet and, specifically, to the legitimacy of the facts as presented.  Peter proudly tweets that 55% of Americans favor a repeal of the ACA AKA Obamacare.  He further gives Rasmussen top billing as being the polling company who garnered the information.  Rasmussen, having been handed their asses by Nate Silver in the 2012 election, is touted as somehow being accurate.......except, they're not.  You see, when one looks closely at the poll, one finds that the data was developed by polling mostly 35 to 65 year old, right leaning or registered republicans. Can we say BUBBLE or BLINDERS. That Rasmussen's reputation for getting it wrong is well known and still, Peter touts their findings as gospel, is troubling in and of itself.  That people will buy, is more so.  The TTM quickly disseminates the BS and does so with a poke to the ego................

Original tweet


NOPE.....wrong again.

end of line........

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