Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Yeah, I used the word integrity........

Wow, two days in a row, Matt "KKKloset Kase" Drudge is on a role. Here, Matt shares with us a secret. A secret so important and so newsworthy that we almost wet ourselves at the thought.....yeah right, as if. And what is the secret that Matt imparts? Well, Matt's not a multitasker don't you know.  Apparently, it's not integrous or focussing.......whatever that means.  He further goes on to speak of his success in a clutteredmanic world.....ok, we kind of get that but still.  

The tweet is a sad self-congratulatory assumes to his adoring fans, of which we admit, he has many.  Granted, most are angry white men who hate the fact there's negro in the White House but hey, everyone has to have a following we suppose.  Thing is, promoting yourself as having integrity kind of defeats the whole notion of, well, integrity. What's integrous about being closeted while being a lap dog to people who would shun you at a party if they saw.  What's integrous about gossip, and let's be honest, much of what Matt puts out is smear and gossip pretending to be news.  Of course, we could be accused of the same thing except, we make no claims to being a news outlet, an information dissemination blog or even a serious commentary.  Ours is a satire and comedic commentary blog. We have no illusions of our place in the blogosphere and, frankly, we don't take ourselves seriously at all. We do this for fun, nothing more.  If we impart some wisdom or insight, that's all gravy.  But Matt, oh how he takes himself so seriously.  Perhaps, if the day ever comes when he actually has some integrity and comes out, he might actually have so fun.......until then, he's just fodder for the TTM.

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