Thursday, November 14, 2013

It's different when it's a black guy........

YAY! It seems like forever since we've heard from America's favorite squeaky toy, but here she is, Victoria "Squeaky" Jackson!!! 

Ok, so we might be overplaying it just a bit but it is nice to see Victoria back on our radar.  She'd been tweeting the same nauseating pap for weeks now and, let's be honest, it was pretty boring stuff.  Not today though! Today, Victoria felt the need to offer up a brand spanking new conspiracy against President Obama.....this time, he killed 22 Navy Seals.  Yup, President Obama, while busy with fixing the ACA roll-out and governing the U.S., apparently found time to travel to Afghanistan and murder 22 Navy Seals.....we assume it's because he had nothing better to do.

The story originates from the family of one Aaron Vaughn who, sadly, was killed in Afghanistan. Contrary to popular conservative belief, American soldiers are not gods, immortal or perfect......."but, but, but" says Victoria.....they died because....Obama.  Now, the reality is that: the rules of engagement, which were set out originally by the Bush Administration, basically state that you do not fire unless fired upon. It's actually pretty standard stuff but to the Vaughn's (self-identified republicans) and Jackson, these rules are murderous in nature and, because Obama is President, he is personally responsible for Aaron's death. They've even wrote a book that purports to reveal the 'shocking' truth.  Look, it's unfortunate that a young man has died but please, can we be spared the disingenuous and very obvious cynical politics at play here? Nope, not while there's money to be made off the grief of a family.  And that's what makes this entire tweet all the more vile.  Jackson knows this is really all just more of the same "we hate the black guy so let's make up some dirt" mentality. It's cheap, it's dishonest and it's repulsive.  Where was Jackson's outrage when Bush sent 5000 plus to their deaths? Unlike Obama, there's proof of Bush's lies and manufacturing of 'evidence' that sent those men and women to their deaths.....and yet......nothing. Not a word.  The TTM reminds Jackson of this inconvenient truth.......

Original tweet


Bush lied and thousands died.

end of line..........

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