Monday, November 4, 2013

Pay your taxes but don't expect anything.......

Man, it seems the last few days have been all Bryan "Lyin' Fissure" Fischer and Tony "KKK" Perkins.....oh well, so be it.  

Here we have Tony "KKK" Perkins doing his best to make hay out of an event that, quite frankly, happens so regularly that it is 'much ado about nothing'.......except for people like Tony.  To wit, in this tweet, Tony laments the usage of West Point as a venue for a wedding between two Officer graduates and current members of the U.S. Armed much for supporting the troops, eh Tony?  What happened was legal and in keeping with West Point's code of conduct.  The wedding was simple, small and, we told, quite lovely.  West Point is also funded, as is all of the U.S. military, by tax dollars and it is this specific detail that Tony takes issue.  You see, in his mind, Tony believes that West Point is somehow only funded by straight tax dollars. It, apparently, never occurred to Tony that some of that tax money is gay tax money.  Regardless, Tony believes that, somehow, gays should pay taxes but not benefit or participate as full citizens when it comes to the benefits of the aforementioned taxes.  Funny, we we're under the impression the whole reason for the revolutionary war was the idea of fighting against "Taxation without representation" and "Liberty and Justice" for all......perhaps Tony missed that day in school.

The reality is, whether Tony likes it or not, LGBT's pay their fair share of taxes, which include the taxes that go to pay for West Point.  As such, two graduate alumni who happen to be gay, have every right as any other member/alumni, to partake in all the privileges allowed them.  That Tony and other radical right Christians don't like it, is irrelevant. As for the wedding somehow 'affecting' anti-gay citizens, it doesn't. Not one bit. Then again, Tony has never been one for understanding the complexity let alone the basic concept of Taxation with representation......or democracy as it is commonly known.

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Perhaps Tony would prefer to live in a Monarchy.

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