Monday, November 4, 2013

CON-flate much?

Conflate: to combine two thoughts or ideas into a whole or singular form.  As in: "Don't conflate gossip with real news"

And it is with that definition, we introduce another Bryan "Lyin' Fissure" Fischer tweet. In this tweet, Fischer conflates the notion of being petty with racism.  Backgrounder: during a televised debate between Democrat Ralph Northam and Republican E.W. Jackson, Northam (who is white) refused, at the end of the debate, to shake hands with Jackson (who is black).  Now we at the TTM find Northam's refusal to shake hands with Jackson to be petty, rude and misguided........but we don't find it racist. Fact is, Northam can't stand Jackson as a person and a politician, many people can't. That said, Fischer and others on the right, have jumped onto this lack of courtesy and are gleefully conflating the slight into a full on act of racist hatred. The problem, of course, is that Northam is well known and liked by the African American community in Virginia. He is known for his openness and support of civil rights throughout his state. Unfortunately, he let his distaste for his republican opponents views on equality rights and Christian dominionism to cloud his better judgment and, by doing so, opened himself up to accusations and conflating tweets.

As for Fischer, well......anything to obfuscate and distract. Tomorrow, Virginians will go to the polls and, if all goes well, Terry McAullife will be Governor and Ralph Northam will be Lt. Governor.  That wish stated, it is again unfortunate that Northam acted in a manner more akin to petulance than proper.

Original tweet

That's right Bryan, it's racism because anything to distract people from the truth.

end of line......

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