Monday, November 4, 2013

Cute ENDA usages part II

Ok, so first we had Tony "KKK" Perkins tweeting: "It's the ENDA the world as we know it" and now, we have Bryan "Lyin' Fissure" Fischer, following suit.  And, of course, being Bryan Fischer, the tweet is even more outrageous in it's claim.  

Fischer wrote (who knew he could) on his blog today about his uneasy and the very real, to him at least, threat to the 1st amendment should ENDA pass.  Specifically, what got Bryan all a flutter was the notion that, GASP!, he won't be able to fire people for being who they are. The horror of it all. Worse still, ENDA will infringe on the rights of pious and ever so dutiful Christians who, because God so hates the world that gays, lesbians, bi-sexuals or transgendered people must be purged from the employment rolls, believe their rights must trump all others.  

What makes the tweet all the more laughable is that the major corporations and fortune 500 companies have all stated that ENDA is a positive step and that; it promotes the idea of merit and garners the best of the employment base.  Translation: where profits and sustainability are concerned, CEO's and shareholders could care less who you fuck, as long as you perform your job and make them money.  And that's the rub for people like Fischer.  Ever the promoter of freedom and capitalism, Fischer now finds himself, in a very real sense, opposing both.  Big businesses and small alike care not one iota whether their best performing employee happens to have a partner of the same sex.  Nor do they care if they happen to have a picture of said partner on their desk. If they excel at their job, all the more reason to make them feel better for being there.

This is the 21st century and although we still have people like Fischer, Perkins, Labarbera etc. whining and bemoaning the fact that society is coming out of its infancy, the fact remains that: LGBT people are becoming, not only tolerated but accepted.  As the adage regarding paradigm shifts goes: adapt or die......we sometimes indulge in the guilty pleasure of wishing they would do the latter..........

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