Thursday, November 14, 2013

I'm not a woman but, if I were..........

Ann "Media Whore" Coulter......just typing her name makes us ill and shudder with disgust. The TTM has little love for Coulter and, per usual, she tweets another example as to why.

In what could easily be described as a vile and not so thinly veiled slam against transgendered people, Coulter tweets a sickly bit of smarm that makes our skin crawl.  She starts off with a snide remark that implies a transgendered person is somehow confused or mixed up.  To add just the right amount insult, she words the smarm as a contorted version of the song "I am woman" by Helen Reddy.  After that bit of sophistry, she proceeds to link a story regarding the California initiative allowing for transgender or gender neutral restrooms. The article itself is a snide bit of doucheyness unworthy of being taken seriously......brave it if you can.

Supreme white male of privilege Jim Hughes, writes an article so vile, it comes across as a child rape fantasy on his part.....creepy.  Then again, Ann Coulter loved it so, naturally, it will be a disgusting display of disingenuous sophistry and cynical manipulation.  With that in mind, the TTM clarifies the Coultergeist's tweet.......

Original tweet


What a nice lady.

end of line..........

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