Thursday, November 14, 2013 make me........

Look at that, we have a newcomer to the TTM.  Dana "Lush" Loesch is a far-right uber-douche who, when given the chance, will find new and idiotic ways to not impress anyone of consequence.  

In her first tweet on the TTM radar, Loesch tweets an apparent slam against embattled Toronto Mayor Rob Ford.  Her insult? She compares Ford to Bill Clinton.  That's right, she's comparing a President who got a blow job in the White House with a Mayor who: smokes crack, hangs out with gangsters, has displayed a misogyny and homophobic bent so vile that it defies all concepts of civility and regularly bullies staff, visitors and the media.  Really Dana? Rob Ford is Bill Clinton's spirit animal?  Well, if that's true and we use your standard, that would make Heidi Fleiss yours, that or some no name street walker on the corner of Hollywood & Vine.  Either one would do.

Yes, Dana is truly a unique kind of sleaze-bag, so much so that, in a competition, we find she narrowly edges out Ann Coulter as the most vacuous, vapid, venal and vile of media whores...she even beat Sean Hannity and The Donald.  The TTM chooses to treat her as such and 'translates' accordingly and without apology.

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You gonna love someone long time.

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