Thursday, November 14, 2013

Why won't their God help..........

Indeed, why won't God help? We ask this rhetorical question because it needs to be asked.  You see, Thomas Peters AKA American Papist, is a Catholic mouthpiece who, among other things, believes Jesus would be a gun toting, ultra-conservative who would grind the poor and weak into dust.  That, by the way, is not hyperbole, he's pretty made it clear that's how he sees Christ.  Adding to Peters' strange brand of Christianity is the long since debunked notion of praying away the gay. That's right, like Tony "KKK" Perkins, Peters believes that God can cure homosexuality.


If they both believe so strongly that God can cure "the gay", it has to be asked: why won't God cure Peters. You see, Thomas Peters had a swimming accident over the summer, an accident which left him a quadriplegic. It's an unfortunate turn for Peters and his family and many of his compatriots want to help, hence the tweet from Perkins today.  Now, disregarding the incredibly poor selection of words used in the hashtag, we at the TTM found it odd that a man who, for so many years, advocated the idea of God curing people through prayer, wouldn't ask the very same God to cure him.  Further, to have a money beg so as to pay for his medical bills, was in many ways, even more egregious.  The reason? Peters and Perkins both believe that if you can't get medical insurance or afford health care, you should basically die. That also, is not a fabrication, they have both said so on several occasions.  

Knowing what we know of these two men and knowing how the Tea Party and the republican party feel about religion, faith and health care, we couldn't help but revise Perkins tweet to better reflect their hypocrisy.

Original tweet


Stand? really? not the best word choice.

end of line........

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