Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Capitalism? not on Sunday......

Oooh, looky here!  We have new and exciting addition to the TTM line-up.....and this one is a special kind of 'special.'

Here we have Matt "KKKloset Kase" Drudge, a man who's sole purpose in life is to be a pain in the ass of anyone and everyone.......he wishes his penis was that big as to be a problem......but we digress.

Drudge is what you might call a kapo, someone who grovels and does the bidding of those who would normally cast him out......thinks Jews for Hitler and you get the idea.  He's right-wing and proud.  He believes staunchly in the republican motto of "I got mine so fuck you" and he's a believer in Christ.....or some such nonsense.  

Now, with that all said, we found the following tweet of his to more than a bit amusing.....ok, we laughed....a lot.  You see, we found it a tad odd that Drudge, mister capitalism himself, lamenting that Amazon would be offering Sunday delivery service. At first, we couldn't understand his beef until we were reminded of that believing in god stuff.  You see, to Drudge, having Sunday service is a slap in the face to God......well, his God at least.  To make his confusion all the more spectacular, he conflates Amazon's service as being a sign that the U.S. government is for sale.  Hey Matt, trust us, ever since the SCOTUS ruled on Citizens United, the government has been for sale.  This isn't even in the same league with the Koch Brothers or Rupert Murdoch.

The reality is this, if you believe in unfettered capitalism, you can't whine when someone exercises their right to it.  Move on Matt, grow up, get out of your mom's basement.......get laid.....but please, spare us all the tut-tutting and fauxtrage regarding Sunday delivery.  As a far right-winger on Fox might say: Matt, why do you hate money so much?  Enjoy........

Original tweet


Someone call the Wahhhhbulance

end of line.......

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