Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Marcus my words.......

Hey, it's Michele "Crazy Eyes" Bachmann!  Haven't heard from her in awhile; then again, she's been too busy with the right-wing media circuit to have time to tweet.  

It appears our intrepid "Crazy Eyes" is looking for a couple of interns to work with her over the spring, one in D.C. and the other in her Minnesota riding.  Let's hope she pick young women instead of young men......lord knows what husband Marcus "Barbarians need discipline" Bachmann might do. 

It's a sad state of affairs in the Bachmann household.  You see, the Bachmann's own a Christian Counselling Center which, among other things, offers a way out of homosexuality......that's right, they have a "pray away the gay" business.  The problem is Marcus Bachmann, for all Michele's insistence to the contrary, is a not so subtle flaming queen of a gay man.  To be sure, protestations and declarations of his 'straightness' have been offered but, please, who are they trying kid? Themselves, that's who.  No one else is buying what they're selling when it comes to Marcus.  Anyhow, with that in mind, the TTM thought it would be appropriate, if not just a little naughty, to play on that fact...........

Original tweet


Oh myyyyy

end of line.......

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