Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Banning is something? that's my job!

Oh that Bryan "Lyin' Fissure" Fischer, always finding new and exciting ways to lie.  In another exhibition of his dubious and, frankly, fraudulent tweeting, Fischer offers us a story about art being banned because of religious sensibilities.......yeah, think on that one for a minute.

What makes the tweet so egregious isn't the banning of the art.... most intelligent people would agree that art is highly subjective and; further, shouldn't be so easily banned or censored.....no, what makes the tweet so dishonest is the implied scope of the banning in question.  You see, the sketches involved are being shown in a privately owned, small studio.......a far cry from the National Gallery in Berlin or Stuttgart.  More dishonest still, is the idea that religions should A) be a factor in displaying work and B) because of religious sensibility, anything that is deemed unacceptable to the religious should be banned.  Well, there's two thing wrong with those ideas: A) religions should NEVER be a factor when it comes to art, neither as subject matter or critique and B) religion has ZERO business banning anything because it's own insecurities.  

Fischer lives in the United States, a nation with a long history of allowing free thinkers to express themselves yet, even he has, in the past, demanded the banning and censoring of art and artists which he considers to be unacceptable or offensive to his religious sensibilities; which, leads us back to his tweet and it's incredibly dishonest take on the situation in Germany.  We at the TTM believe that censorship, especially due to a chosen religious lifestyle, is not only dangerous but it goes against the entire idea of freedom. Fischer loves to conflate and lie and but really?? One small studio does NOT a country make and whining about banning art while advocating the same at home........as many a great Drag Queen would say: BITCH PLEASE!

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That's right Bryan and the Smithsonian is all of America

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