Tuesday, October 22, 2013

This means WAR........

Oh that Annie Coulter, how we love her so........about as much as syphilis or herpes.  Ann "I gotta gun" Coulter is a, in two words, media whore.  She literally sells herself to the highest media bidder.  She further pollutes intellectual discourse with dubious screeds that no sane or person quality would ever call 'books.'  In short, she's a con-woman who does what she can to trump up and gin up rhetoric to sell her, less than legitimate', wears.  To wit, this tweet.  Here we have Ann doing her utmost to equate the lack employment of women to President Obama's supposed hate for women.....we would assume this hate is restricted to white women since, as most on the right including Ann have stated, Obama secretly hates white people. Regardless, what Ann forgets to take into account.....(oh, who are we kidding, she didn't forget, she just didn't bother to be honest).....the last decade of economic turmoil is directly caused by a republican party led by a buffoon, one George W. Bush.  With all the deregulation which, in turn, led to the destabilizing of the economy, it should come as no surprise that employment for everyone fell......which it did.  That Coulter, in her usual dishonest and snide style, would blame Obama for women suffering is nothing new but it is disingenuous and, frankly, a lie. The republican party, along with their attack dog Tea Party, have obstructed almost all relevant legislation which could move the country forward.  Coulter knows this but, she also knows where her bread is buttered.  As such, she must play the part she chooses and lie for her supper....lest her 'book' sales falter.  No Ann, it's not Obama's war on women, it's the mostly a white, rich, intellectually stunted republican war.......and women have wised up to it.

Original tweet


That's right Ann, it's all the black guy's fault.

end of line......

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