Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Empire's fall........

If Matt "Bam-Bam" Barber ever reads a history book, someone please advise us......because, clearly, he's never read one.  In this dubiously dishonest and factually fucked up tweet, Matt Barber claims that, among other things, the United States is an Empire. He further claims that this modern Empire is falling because.....you guessed it, gay people!  If you want, hit the link for all the inaccuracies.  Short version of Barber's claims is as follows: The Roman Empire fell because of the corrupting influences of homosexual activity and permissive sexual mores. Now for some fun facts: the Roman Empire did not fall until after the Ascension of Constantine and his reconstruction of the Empire into what we call the "Holy Roman Empire." You see, what Barber tries to do, poorly we might add, is conflate Roman Paganism and Sexual Understanding into an immoral construct that lead to the fall of an Empire.  Problem is, the dates and events don't quite line up with his claims.  Consider that, at it's height, the 300 years of Imperial 'known world' rule was called the PAX ROMANA (The Roman Peace).  Consider also that, unlike the U.S., Rome's Empire spanned close to 800 years and further, was Pagan for the entirety of it's successful global rule.  Now, fast forward to Constantine and the great ecumenical change he brought about. The Eastern and Western Empires were entering conflicts due to the rise of a new religion......can you guess which one? Christianity. That's right, until the rise of Christianity, Rome had for the most part, remained peaceful, successful and prosperous.  After Constantine however, the Empire began to fracture, mostly due to the corruption of the Senate and other Patrician Parties who, like the modern day Republicans and Tea Party, were engaged in a political civil war......the problem, of course, was that; unlike politicians of today, politicians in that time had private legions at their disposal.  It doesn't take a genius or a learned scholar to predict what happened next. No Mr. Barber, the fall of Rome had nothing at all to do with sexual liberty or homosexuals in specific. It did however, have everything to do with greed and theological politics.  Consider this one final and glaring fact: we have an historical name for the period following the fall of Rome and the rise of Christianity.....The Dark Ages.  And it is those dark times that Barber, and those like him, wishes to return.

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