Tuesday, October 22, 2013

I want my guns!

(FACEPALM!) Seriously?!? As many reporters have asked many Obama detractors over the years: "what rights did lose that you had before?"....and surprise, the answer is NONE!  That's right 'Murika, you still have the same rights you had prior to the election Barack Obama, so it begs the questions: WTF?  Of course, we need look no further than America's favourite squeaky toy for answers.  Victoria "Squeaky" Jackson, ever the idiot savant without the savant part, tweets about an event that purports to protest the president's plan to confiscate people's guns........except, he's not.  He never has. He's never going to.  But hey, what matters is the protest and, more importantly, the chance to once again demonize the 'black' guy in the 'white' house.  And, truth be told, that's what this really comes down to: racism.  How else to explain the gaping intellectual disconnect of fact versus fiction?  President Obama has not signed, nor will he ever sign, a law allowing the confiscation of citizen's guns. He can't. Can he propose new restrictions on magazine sizes or assault weapons? yes.  Can he propose a blanket restriction of no guns for anyone? no....and Jackson, as well as those at this event, knows it. So, as we stated, what other reason could there be?  Once you eliminate all other reasons, you're left with one glaring reality.  Sad really but, then again, it's 'Murika and not America.

Original tweet

Yes Victoria, you are a racist cow.

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