Thursday, October 17, 2013

STOP.....Martyr Time!

"The Adversary hath spread out his hands..." -- Book of Lamentations, Verse 10......and lamentations seem to be all the rage among the far right in 'Murika these days.  'Murika, not to be confused with America, is in a tizzy over the idea that non-hetero, non-Christian, non-white people are being all mean and nasty to White, hetero-Christians.  Poor things, they're so put upon by faux-martyrdom that Home Depot may run out of wood and nails. One of the most disingenuous of the lamenters is NOM President Brian 'brownshirt' Brown. His shrill whines are becoming so incessant that fingernails on a chalkboard are becoming music to many an ear. In his latest tweet, of boo-hoo poor me, is a simple declaration, that being: Christians are being persecuted.......the poor dears.  Of course, when one hits the link, one comes to understand it has zero credibility other than to be another screed about how the big bad homos are ever so mean for demanding dignity and respect......the horror of it all is just too much for Brown and his Christian brothers and sisters. If it were not for the fact that such characterizations have led to people being harmed, it might be seen as funny.....but there's nothing funny about real persecution, something Christians have over 2000 years, perfected into an art. The nerve of Brown to even presume that Christians are, in any way, shape or form suffering as others have over the centuries at the hands of Christians is insulting and a lie.  One can't help but look to the very book they have used to persecute so many to see the lesson: "As you sow, so shall you reap."  Wise words indeed, unfortunately, Christians like Brown can't fathom how it would apply.  Of course, you have but to look at the history of the Christian faith over the last 2 millenia to see the proof of it. And, if that isn't enough, just take a peek at the 'Dark Ages', that alone should allay any delusion of Christian love towards their fellow man. Be it homosexuals, Jews, Muslims or Women, Christians have persecuted on a scale unmatched, even by today's standards. Sadly, many will cling to this notion of martyrdom while ignoring that it is, in fact, they who have harmed others while whining about being, on occasion, called to account........this is what they see as persecution: answering for their crimes.

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