Wednesday, October 16, 2013

'Cause everyone should have weapons dagnabit!!

Maybe the U.S. just needs a new kind of Cruz missile.  Poor Ted "I'm really a Canuck" Cruz, he's not having a good week at all. First he makes a fool of himself in the Congress by trying to gin up rhetoric and blocking the U.S. budget because he has no sense of decency. Why do we say this? Well, considering Cruz and his Tea Party gang have held the U.S. hostage over the ACA (Obamacare), we figure he's deserving of derision. Further, Senator Cruz has proven himself to be divisive, opportunistic and, frankly, petulant in his un-professionalism.  His lack of understanding on the economy or health care make him a liability for the nation....sadly, his ignorance makes him a hero to the Tea Party; an organization not known for it's intelligence or gravitas on matters of state.  As if that's not enough to make one wonder about the mental stability of this con-man come Senator (shades of Palin), we now see Cruz going into full on 'dumbass' mode with his ridiculous tweet regarding, of all things, the UN Arms Treaty.  Seriously Teddy? Have you any sense of how international treaties work or do you, like most on the far right in 'Murika, assume "It's all about you?" The UN Arms Treaty deals with the proliferation of weapons crossing borders and the expansion of weapons of mass destruction.....not to be confused with the WMD's of George W. Bush, those being Weapons of Mass Distraction.  To that end, the U.S., like most civilized nations, has tentatively agreed to the treaty but, as is wont with the grandstanding Senator from Texas via Calgary, Cruz has decided that the treaty will somehow impact the 2nd amendment and 'Murikans right to have guns to kill each other. Again we ask, has he any understanding as to how such treaties work? No Senator, the treaty does not impact the 2nd amendment. Fear not, citizens can still go out and shoot up a school or theater at their leisure. The treaty deals solely with import/export of weapons and the curtailing of proliferation across sovereign boundaries. One would assume that, having at least remedial reading skills, Senator Cruz would know this. So why the tweet? Simple. As he did with the ACA and budget debate, so to does the Senator do with the treaty......ratchet up the rhetoric for his base. BASE, that's a good word to use when it comes to the Senator, for truly, he is a base man with the basest of intentions.  The TTM is beyond disgusted with this quisling's disingenuous and dishonest nature.  We're going to take a shower now.

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The oil run-off from this guy is YUCK

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