Wednesday, October 16, 2013 ignorance.......

Well look at that, Rush Limbaugh has a brother and it turns out, he's a dumb as Rush is. David Limbaugh tweets his confusion as to how anyone, let alone Fox News, could defend President Obama and trash the Tea Party........clearly, he doesn't live in the real world.  That said, it's rather rich that Fox News is, at times, more coherent and cognitive of reality than their base.....m'eh, one supposes miracles can happen.  What makes this tweet all the more sad really, is that Limbaugh feels the need to reiterate his denial of reality with a "I truly don't".  What is he, Forrest Gump? Well, he is a Limbaugh so anything is possible. With that said, the TTM has some fun and reminds us all that, like brother Rush, David Limbaugh truly is a real life Homer Simpson......without the funny.

Original tweet


Careful Homer wannabe

end of line......

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