Wednesday, October 16, 2013

The Audacity of "Yes, I really am this whiny & stupid"

Oh Lord!!! Here we go again.  Not content with his last foray into the world of "WTF are you saying?" along comes the good Pastor (?) Foster to bring the big guns of D' wit, this little shit of a tweet.  It's not even cow patty sized, just a rosebud of turd masquerading as something whom, we do not know.  What is known is that Foster is not so much a Pastor for the republicans and the right as he is a patsy.....and one day, he will be singing "who's sorry now."  In the meantime, we decided that a bit more information was needed to fully explain the rather glaring example of stupid & whiny.

Original tweet

You just keep dancing Pastor......

end of line.....

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