Monday, October 21, 2013

Remember when grass roots weren't made of astroturf?

Astroturf: noun; artificial grass or similar surface; creating the impression of public support by paying for and/or offering promise to a person or persons to pretend to show support for a specific cause.

Grassroots; noun; a political or local movement which forms, organically and/or without formal organization, out of a collective of individuals of similar or like minded purpose. 

Perhaps Mr. Miller should read a dictionary at some point so as to correct his rather dubious tweet. The tweet in question involves Miller questioning whether the Tea Party & the Right in America are tired of losing. He then proffers the idea of 'grassroots' activism via 'the best team'.  The team in question? FreedomWorks.  Take a moment and re-read the definitions above, just to be sure of what they mean. It's important to do so so that we cab untangle the tweet and it's blatant dishonesty.  Why dishonesty? Simple......Mr. Miller very well knows that FreedomWorks is many things, but grassroots it's not.  FreedomWorks is an astroturf organization created several years ago by two specific individuals who, having no love for a black president or the poor, decided to use their billions to "create" a grassroots movement.  Those two individuals? David and Charles Koch (Pronounced 'Coke' but often mispronounced by their detractors as 'Cock').  The Koch brothers created FreedomWorks as an umbrella organization so as to keep arms length when it came to manipulating public opinion and creating a false sense of honest grassroots organizing.  FreedomWorks has, from virtually day one, been the, arguably, single driving force behind the also manufactured grassroots organization known as the Tea Party.  Ironically, most of the people who belong to the Tea Party majority are, for lack of a better term, low-information voters.......most of whom vote against their own interests because they have been convinced that President Obama is somehow: coming to take their guns (?), their God (?) and their jobs (?).  None of which, for those keeping score, is true.  Not that it matters. For the Koch brothers, FreedomWorks is a political tool of their own making; to be used as they see fit. Which brings us to the aforementioned dishonest tweet by one of the Koch brothers henchmen, Dennis "not such a menace" Miller.  Whether Miller is paid directly by the Koch's or by their BFF Rupert Murdoch, this much is certain, Miller shills for the Right-wing like the cheap media whore he has become.  Ann Coulter should watch her back lest Miller overtake her as the ultimate pundit gunslinger for hire.  The tweet that Miller sent out is so disingenuous is begs to be mocked. It's as cynical as it is insulting but hey, for Miller and others like him, it's all in a days work.  Who knew he needed the money that bad..........

Original tweet

Careful Dennis, your 'roots' are showing.

end of line......

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