Monday, October 21, 2013

As long as the boot is Prada......

Here we go again, this time it's New Jersey.  Poor Bryan "Lyin' Fissure" Fischer, he's all upset and sad about the recent turn of events in the Garden State.  As some of you may know, as of 12:01 AM Monday, same-sex couples could marry in New Jersey. The reason for this was the refusal by the state court to stay the ruling of another court to stop same-sex marriages from being performed.  With the stay being refused, couples wishing to marry could do so as of Monday morning; happily, many did. Of the those officiating, Cory Booker, newly elected Senator and former Mayor of Newark.  For Fischer, NOM and other anti-gay groups, this loss brings the number of states with legal same-sex marriage to 14......and they're beginning to worry.  Not one to mince words and always good for a colourful retort, Fischer tweets a visual that screams: "Make fun of me."  He further conflates the judicial ruling with tyranny and uses his signature "Sodomy-based marriage" tagline.  Sidenote: technically, any marriage in which oral sex or anal sex is performed, is sodomy-based........someone should let all the heterosexuals know they are also in a "sodomy-based marriage." Fischer's colourful language and descriptive notwithstanding, it does not escape our attention that, sodomy is always on his mind; more so than most gay men in fact. It's has always struck the TTM as odd that, like Brian "brownshirt" Brown of NOM or Tony "KKK" Perkins of the FRC,  these paragons of all things virtuous seem fixated on sodomy and more so than the general population......that can't be a coincidence. Either way, the TTM has some fun at Fischer's expense........Oh, and as for the boot, most gays would be concerned with whether it was Prada or a cheap knockoff, Fischer doesn't say.

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