Monday, October 21, 2013

Oh GAWD!!!

Oh Gawd, Oh Lawdy, Oh My!!! It would appear that someone has had an epiphany.......and that person is Pastor (?) Foster or, as he is now called on twitter, Unashamed Overcomer.  Yes, that's right, the man who shamelessly pontificated and smarmed about how brave and unafraid he was on twitter, quietly deleted his 'Pastor Foster' account for, how shall we put this, a more representative and accurate reflection of his true self.  In other words, he decided to hide behind a euphemism rather than be identified directly with the crazy he spews. And spew he does.  With his inaugural tweet as Unashamed Overcomer......really? Overcomer??....we digress.  As we stated, with his first tweet under the new pseudonym, Pastor (?) Forster declares with certainty that: God is love, etc, etc.  But if you don't love as He apparently wants you too, he pretty much hates your guts.  Now, the good Pastor(?) doesn't put it in those words but, come on, who's he trying to kid.  Bad enough he changes his twitter account to hide, he then has the nerve to: not be ashamed! and be an overcomer?!? and he's @AtlantaEXgay to boot.  All this is terribly confusing for us so we can only imagine what his mind must be going through.  As for his God? well, if that's what his God is all about, we'll happily remain non-believers.......

Original tweet

If God hates, does it not mean he's, in fact, Satan?

end of line......

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