Thursday, October 17, 2013

Raping one's intelligence......

Uh oh, we have right-wing republican male using the word 'rape' again.....this can't be good.......and it's not. Once again, Matt "Bam-Bam" Barber displays his inability to understand complex issues by doing what he always does, use one anomalous anecdote to explain why women shouldn't have the right of choice when it comes to abortion.  At the link is the story of a young woman who is alive and living the American dream because her mother, who was raped, chose not to have an abortion....note the word "chose."  We say, good for her and more power to her; but, who's Barber kidding? Himself apparently. Barber is so tone deaf on the issue of rape and abortion that he can't fathom why one might lead to the other. Now, the writer of the piece is also no brainiac when it comes to understanding the incredibly painful decision having an abortion could he, he's a HE, just like Barber.  And that's the crux of the issue that seems lost on them both.  Yes, some women will choose to keep a child of rape and yes, it's not the child's fault they were conceived that way but please, stop simplifying and, by doing so, dismiss what women go through in making that decision. What makes Barber's tweet all the more repulsive to any decent human being is his politicizing of rape. In his diminutive mind, he accuses 'Liberals' of somehow not knowing of such cases......again, please! The fact of the matter is, rape and abortion are two of the most difficult things women must deal with, especially given the statistics on rape. To be so blase about them as to parade faux-outrage through a political lens proves, once again, that republican males should just Shut The Fuck Up.

Original tweet


She had a choice and she exercised it.

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