Thursday, October 17, 2013

Certainly uncertain

When you're named after an overrated writer, it can sometimes be difficult to be taken seriously.......that's certainly the case for Rand Paul.  Ayn Rand, a woman who's claim to fame is basically coining the idea of "I've got mine so, fuck you", truly is a poor example to use as one's name, especially if you then whine about a communist country downgrading your credit about feeling entitled.  Here we have Rand doing his utmost to appear actually concerned about the possibility of a default on the U.S. debt or, more to the point, the idea that people just don't believe the U.S. has really settled the issue.  Stock Markets and Creditors tend to get nervous when people muse about nations defaulting; but when a country like the U.S. comes within literal hours of doing so......well, you can't blame them if they don't take your word that it's resolved.  Paul moans about how China is not buying into the idea that the U.S. has dealt with the default issue, can you blame them? While the President is hopeful that it's over, you have people like Senator Ted Cruz openly stating that "I'll do it again if I have to"......comforting words they're not.  What makes Paul's tweet so disingenuous is his own complicity in the whole affair.  The Republicans and the Tea Party drove the U.S. government to the cliff and decided, last minute, not to go over.  China has, along with other nations, decided that America needs to be put on suicide watch, hence the downgrade. As speaker Boehner, himself no saint in this, said: "This isn't a damn game."  No, no it's not but, as long as people like Rand Paul, Ted Cruz and others think they can play chicken.....well, that's playing a dangerous game indeed.

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What? What do you mean my credit is bad?

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