Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Must be using metric measurements....

In the metric system, the measurements, when compared to imperial, always appear smaller than they are........and it would appear Peter "Porno Pete" Lababera decided to apply the same logic when it comes to crowd control numbers at rallies.  Consider this tweet from our intrepid homophobe who, in a pique of whine, tries ever so desperately to compare the number of people rallying for SSM and those opposed, in Springfield, Ill. The reality however, is not in Peter's favour.  Over 3000 people participated in the rally for marriage equality while only a few hundred, some say 300, rallied against.  Although the metric system uses a factor of 10 as its base of measurement, one thing is clear, when it comes to miscalculation, you can always count on Porno Pete to fail.  The TTM makes easy work of the mathematically challenges Labarbera.

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