Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Get off the Cross, someone needs the wood......

Seriously, when will Tony "KKK" Perkins climb off the cross and give it a rest? Short answer: not until the money runs out.  Today's whiny tweet has everything to do with Christian persecution, no, not the persecution they do but the persecution they, apparently, suffer overseas.  Now, don't get us wrong; we believe that no one should be persecuted for their beliefs, gender, race or sexual orientation and, if Mr. Perkins would agree to the same ideal, we would have no problem supporting he's tweet; many of you know, Mr. Perkins doesn't share the ideal of mutual respect and dignity for all and, as such, his pleas fall upon deaf, if not mocking, ears.  To wit this bit of disingenuous sophistry: Perkins tweets that the State Dept. is being too quiet on matters of religious minorities.....what he really means is: Christians aren't running the world!  Sad but true.  Perkins could care one fig about the persecution of Jain's in Iran or Buddhists in Pakistan or Afghanistan.  Shites in northern Iraq? Fuck'em!  Muslim's in the U.S? they need to die.......and what of gays, well, they're all pervs in his eyes.....but Christians? Well, they're God's people don't ya know.  It's all about them.  Perkins myopia is so disgustingly obvious and self-serving, it makes it hard to feel any compassion for the legitimate persecution that Christians do suffer....and yet, many LGBT, Muslim and non-Christian organizations have been quick to help.  As for Perkins, his help comes in the form of tweets and money-begs that result in his having a bigger house while minorities, of all stripes, continue to suffer.  He's a con-man, pure and simple.......and we at the TTM treat him as such.

Original tweet

Translation: the way, they need the nails too.

end of line.......

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