Tuesday, October 8, 2013

It's called that because it's White.......

Here we, arguably, have the best example of what happens to ones brain when it is allowed to fester with thoughts of far-right, tea party bullshit coupled with massive injections of radioactive stupid.  Donald "Orangutan Hair" Trump tweeted the most incredulous bit of sophistry.....oh yes he did.  Here we have the 'Donald' doing his best impersonation of a clueless dufus ever.  You see, according to the 'Donald', because President Obama answered an unsolicited question regarding the possible racist undertones of the Washington Redskins, he must clearly see any name with a colour in it as being racist.  Of course, that's not the case; but for the 'Donald', it's not about truth, it's about creating a narrative to fit with his constant douchey attitude towards the President.  To wit: because the White House is called White, the 'Donald' snidely implies that, somehow, Obama must hate the name.  He then goes onto to do what he does best, disingenuously tweet a stupid, moronic and unfunny remark.  Trump is a failed businessman 4 times over (Bankruptcy is a bitch) and yet, ego in hand, continues to pompously pout about things he actually has little knowledge about.  He probably doesn't even know why the White House called White.  Of course, any student or reasonable user of the Internet can tell you it's because the building was whitewashed after being built to protect the porous stone.  Nothing more, nothing less.  Oh, FYI, it has nothing to do with the British burning it down.......although we suspect the 'Donald' thinks that's the reason.
Original tweet

Racist douchebag.

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