Tuesday, October 15, 2013

George Takei says: OH MYYYYY

Oh Myyyy indeed.  Here we have America's favourite squeaky toy, Victoria Jackson, ever so fearfully tweeting how the 'Gay Rights' movement is really a sneaky trick to foist upon America....TOTALITARIANISM! We're impressed she could spell the word though we doubt she knows the meaning of the word.  Not only that, but, in what we feel is a poor choice of words on her part, Jackson proves she know little about gays when it comes to humour.  Her use of the words 'Trojan Horse' gave the TTM more than a few giggles.  It's a childish tweet with absolutely no value other than to rile up her base.....whoever they are.  Anyway, the TTM had some fun with this one.......and, as George Takei would indeed say: OH MYyyyyy!

Original tweet


Well now.....you made us blush

end of line...

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