Tuesday, October 15, 2013

10% ! What a bargain!!!

10%  Doesn't sound like much and, truth be told, depending on the cost savings, it can be huge. With that in mind, we couldn't help but notice this tweet from our friend Bryan......Lyin' like he does.  In this tweet, Fischer accuses President Obama of deliberately causing the default on the national debt because, according to Fischer, it takes less than 10% of revenues to service the debt.......except, no, that's not how it works. On paper it may appear that simple....and we are talking Bryan Fischer so simple is expected, but even he can't be so daft as to not understand that revenues aren't just for debt or entitlements.  Taxes go to pay for much more, including the bloated military budget which, if cut by one third, would easily shift a large part of the burden that is the debt off the books.  Sadly, like Rand Paul, Sarah Palin, Ted Cruz and the Tea Party, all must be cut except the military. The fact that President Obama inherited $6 Trillion in spending that the Bush Administration kept off the books is, apparently, of no consequence.  Also not of consequence is that, under President Obama, the deficit has been cut by half and that the economy is beginning to bounce back.  NO, these are not relevant issues to those on the right, no: what does matter is that they see an opportunity to cause a possible default and then, in what can only be described as treasonous, they will accuse the President of failing the country.  It's disingenuous, it's insulting to the intelligence of most and it's just plain stupid.....yes, that's the word for it: stupid. You want 10%? Let the President cut defense spending by just one quarter and you'd have 17%........well? We're waiting........

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That's right, it's always the black guy's fault.

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