Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Come on baby, light my cross.......

Poor Allen "War Criminal" West.  How frightening it must be to be him and, more importantly, how deluded he clearly is. Today, West tweeted about a picture posted on the Internet by one Rep. Alan Grayson (Dem. Florida, 9th District).  The picture in question was the name of the Tea Party spelled out but, where the 'T'Grayson used a KKK style burning cross.  This, of course, has caused West great consternation and disgust.  Further, West proceeds to castigate Grayson by stating that the Democratic Party was deeply involved with the KKK back in the day.  Now, to be fair and historically honest, what West asserts is quite true and, if the Democratic Party was still involved as they once were with the ideals of the Klan, West's tweet would have legitimacy........but this isn't the past, this is the present; and in this present, the Tea Party, like the KKK, has been the standard bearer for racism, sexism, homophobia and dubious claims.  The simple reality that West can't grasp is: the KKK, the Tea Party and the Republican Party have all become, to a degree, interchangeable in their policies, ideology and tactics.  So, as much as West desperately wants to link the KKK to the Dems, he can't, not anymore.  Sorry Mr. West, but if you bothered to crack open a current book on the KKK, you'd find they have more in common with your party than they do with President Obama's.
would normally be,

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No but's about it, they're the KKK in sheep's clothing.

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