Friday, October 18, 2013

Cue the's time for some 'Deliverance'

As George Takei is fond of saying: OH Myyy!......and this tweet by Pastor (?) Foster is definitely an OH Myyy! kind of tweet.  Here we the good Pastor tweeting about retweeting....and what he's retweeting is just too funny.  You see, there's this thingy Foster has called "FAM OUT", short for "Family Out." It's not an organization or group, it's just a term he applies to "Ex-gays."  Apparently no one told them that: if you're no longer gay, it means you're straight.  Labels, you've got to love them.  So here we have Foster espousing the amazing stories of gay men and women supposedly leaving the 'lifestyle' and, further, they share their stories of 'deliverance'.....ooooh, poor choice of words we think.  For those who are not aware, the film 'Deliverance' dealt with a group of men out for a weekend of hunting and fishing in the south when they happen upon, what could be described as, backward, inbred hillbillies.....or as they are known today, the Tea Party and the Christian right. And like happening upon the Tea Party today, fun times ensue. Anyway, the TTM could not resist having some fun with this tweet, if only because of the poor choice of wording. And don't get us started on "wehaveovercome"'s just too easy.

Original tweet

end of line......

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