Friday, October 18, 2013

Because America doesn't matter........ long as I become President.  Oh that silly Canadian boy Cruz, always finding new and exciting ways to be a seditious tool.  In this one tweet, we get a real sense of Ted "Senator from Texas via Calgary" Cruz's ambition and his clear lack of giving a damn.  To wit he tweets how he will continue to try and stop the ACA AKA Obamacare.  Apparently bringing the U.S. to the brink of defaulting on it's debts while simultaneously shutting down the government itself wasn't enough of a cautionary tale for Cruz.  Oh no, Teddy has just begun to fight.......and, by doing so, is sowing uncertainty among markets, creditors and nation states. Here we have, in a nutshell, a prime example of hubris, ambition and self-indulgence all rolled into one person. So what if the good faith and credit of the U.S. is harmed, as long as he gets to play games. Cruz is a self-satisfied narcissist with not a care for how his ambition is harming others in his country. He puts his lust for power and the Oval Office above the nation he so fervently declares his love for......we call BULLSHIT!  Ted Cruz is a party hack who, like Sarah "The Quitter on Twitter" Palin, entered the spotlight as a luminary only to be revealed as nothing more than one trick pony with a lame foot in its mouth. Cruz would rather see the U.S. collapse than allow President Obama this one thing.  Bad enough he has hijacked the Senate with his nonsensical demeanor.  Worse still, he has so gummed up the procedures that nothing has been passed in either the House or Senate in over a year.  Add to this Cruz's insistence that, regardless of the President's legitimate election win, he, Ted Cruz will rule the roost. Of course, his masters in the Tea Party is all Crazy for Cruz and they are pinning their hopes that he will be the candidate in 2016. Naturally, Cruz is thrilled at the prospect and will, as we've seen, do anything to ensure he remains 'current' and in the news cycle.  It's the ultimate in political opportunism and cynicism.  It also serves as a warning to the sane in America that vigilance is required.

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