Thursday, October 17, 2013

Bully for you.....

Will you look at that! Peter "Porno Pete" Labarbera was thinking of wearing purple for "Spirit Day", how brave. Spirit Day, which was held today, is a day for creating an awareness about bullying.  It's a day where students, teachers, anyone really, to done the colour purple in the hopes of making bullying a thing of the past. With this in mind, Peter tweets that perhaps he'd participate so as to protest Dan Savage and his 'not so kind or subtle' Internet definition of Rick Santorum's name. The problem with Peter's whiny tweet and how mean Dan Savage is being, he's being equally dishonest as to how the entire Santorum name game began....he does what he normally does, ignores facts to suit his own twisted world-view.  The history is this: when Rick Santorum was a Senator, he made more than few disparaging and, frankly, rather disgusting remarks about gay people, going so far as to compare them the dogs and perverse animals deserving of no respect or dignity. Along came Dan Savage who, through a web contest, created the web-definition of Santorum......leading to another side-effect, that being people calling Mr. Santorum "O'le frothy mix."  Ouch! Still, many feel that, given Santorum mischaracterizations of gays and his continued vilification and mean-spirited tone where gays are concerned, the action Savage took was warranted.  Labarbera disagrees and whines ever so.  He disingenuously equates what Rick Santorum suffered with actual bullying and violence. As many a gay would say: Bitch Please! It's faux-trage of the highest's also whiny bullshit. 

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Stay classy Peter

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