Friday, October 4, 2013

Concern trolls tweets what now?

Regarding the young child of the woman shot and killed by D.C. police yesterday, Bryan "lyin' fissure" Fischer felt a burning desire to not only slag the President in an earlier tweet, he now makes moral judgments and implies the poor child is, in fact, a BASTARD!!!! Ok, he doesn't say those exact words but how else to explain the following tweet? Implicit in the tweet, given Bryan's misogynist views, are these notions: 

1 - The mother was not married to the father and, therefore, she's a tramp/slut thus making the daughter a bastard child.

2 - The mother was/is married but the father wants nothing to do with the child thus, again, making her a figurative bastard child.

and, finally, the reason Bryan would love to be true.....

3 - The mother was an evil lesbian who had the child out of some self-indulgent desire but God punished her by making her cray-cray and thus deserved to die and the child is still a bastard.

What a guy.  Anyway, the TTM once again gets to the point with little fuss.......

Original tweet

All class Bryan, all class.

end of line......

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