Monday, October 7, 2013

Lyin' Fissure says what now?????

Bryan "Lyin' Fissure" Fischer, whatever are you saying? In what has to be one of dishonest displays of faux-concern couched in misogynistic double-speak ever, Bryan Fischer has declared that it is liberals who are waging a war against women and not conservatives.  A quick refresher: Fischer is the leader of the SPLC certified hate group, the American Family Association (AFA).  As such, he is a man who believes that men, having dominion over all others per the Bible, are sole arbiters of what is good and moral in the world. Further, he believes women are to be subservient to men and that if a woman ever uses her own mind, she should be punished.  Now, it's important to remember this; because, the tweet he sent out regarding the "war on women" is a stunning display of male arrogance and privilege coupled with a woefully inadequate understanding of how 'freedom of choice' is supposed to work.  In the tweet, Fischer brazenly implies that; because women have choice due to "liberal" policies and law, they are are in fact murdering girls.  It sounds remarkable doesn't it? That liberal women, read Democrats, would be kill girls specifically because they can: thus the 'liberal war on women.'  Twisted that.  The reality of gender abortions is lost on Fischer because most, if not all, gender selected abortions are due to male/family pressures on women to have sons. And what makes this even more egregious.......most of the men who force women to abort girls are, themselves, hard-right conservatives and religious men.  It's a pathetic shell game played for show.  Fischer knows this vile nonsense has zero to do with women having freedom of choice and everything to do with primitive, misogynistic religious bias against women........proving once again that; it is male privilege and not women's freedom to choose that is killing these girls. War on Women indeed!

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