Friday, October 4, 2013

Who needs facts when you have self-loathing "journalists"

Oh Peter, whatever shall we do with you.......perhaps a nice ball gag and straight jacket.  Don't kid yourselves, he probably would be up for it, given Peter "Porno Pete" Lababera's penchant for attending....sorry, researching, leather and BDSM events like Folsom Street Fair in San Francisco.  Here we have Peter lamenting the idea that the National Cathedral will be used to acknowledge the anniversary of the brutal hate crime that was the murder of Matthew Shepard.  Why? Well you see, a rather sleazy, attention whore of a writer named Stephen Jimenez, wrote a book that basically claims Matthew Shepard was a meth dealer and lover to one of his killers.  One wonders if he simply fell asleep during an episode of Breaking Bad and then woke up and said to himself, "OMG! I know the truth about Matthew Shepard"  The book is full of innuendo, non-confirmed sources and convenient editing.......a disgraceful display of shoddy 'journalism'.  Unfortunately, most right-wing haters will believe the lie while Jimenez makes his blood money.  The term that best describes this vile affair is Blood Libel.  Because of this book, Peter is now all a quiver with impotent rage because civilized people aren't buying into the lie.

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Self-loathing and denial.

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