Tuesday, September 10, 2013

When white, it's right........when black, it's MotherF@$##$% N$%##R!

Crude but true.  Ever since day one, and we mean day one, President Obama has been inundated with every roadblock conceivable.  From his Jobs plan to Obamacare, every step he takes gets blocked, delayed or just plain trashed.  So too is it with Syria.  Now, for those who are wondering, the TTM is not thrilled with the idea of another Middle East war being waged by the U.S.  At the same time however, it should be noted that at least this time, the facts are readily available and the crimes being committed are clearly verifiable. We make note of this because many who supported the fiction that was Iraq now seem ever so cautious about dealing with an actual crime, that being chemical weapons used on civilians.  We bring this all up because of the tweet Glenn "crybaby" Beck issued today.  In what has to be the most brazen examples of hypocrisy and selective memory, Beck accuses Obama of waging war for money and oil.......yes, you read that correctly. Glenn Beck, a man who cheered on the real war of lies now accuses President Obama of pulling George W. Bush!!! Talk about gall.  Anyway, the TTM does quick of this quislings' dubious tweet.

Original tweet:


Liar, liar, magic underwear on fire.

end of line......

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