Tuesday, September 10, 2013

J.A.P........Jewish American Pandering........

Oooh, we know we'll get some flack for using that title but hey, if the stereotype fits, why not be honest about it.  Tammy "the whammy" Bruce, we love you some times......ok, not really, but you do occasionally give use some great tweets.......and this one is so perfect.  Perfect in its complete and utter dishonesty and talk about pandering; girl, you are so far up Israel's ass it's a wonder they haven't come yet.....to the bargaining table that is.  Here we have the ever pompous Bruce doing her utmost to once again make it perfectly clear to anyone who will listen that Israel is perfect and shall always be so in her eyes. So perfect is the state of Israel, she actually thinks they're the only nation on planet earth who can be trusted with chemical weapons.  Of course, she conveniently forgets that Israel is as much an aggressor in the Middle East as all the other Bronze Age, Angry Male God figure worshippers.  Bluntly put, they're all nuts......but that's a commentary for another day.  The problem with Bruce's tweet is that her premise is so misguided and completely unrealistic that it defies rational thinking.  Israel has nukes and just because they haven't used them doesn't mean they won't......and you want to give them chemical weapons as well?  Listen Tammy, the best result of this whole sordid affair is to destroy the stockpile.....period.  No nation, let alone one in the Middle East, should have these weapons.  There's no easy answer but please, Israel? not bleepin' likely. Tammy dear, we get it, you're all about Israel and hating on non-Americans, do us all a favour and just admit it flat out so we can all get on with serious discussions.  This is one time where silence, meaning yours, would be golden.

Original tweet:


Yada...yada....yada....Oy vey!

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