Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Squeaky toys says what now?

That's right, America's favorite squeaky toy is back for another edition of: "look at me, I'm relevant....kinda"
Ah, Victoria "squeaky toy" Jackson, she of the delusions of thinking she matters.  A person so devoid of any kind of self-awareness, you have to wonder how she functions at all.  Anyway, in today's squeak-tweet, Victoria announces another event for those in 'Murika who still believe the fiction that they, Christians, are being silenced.  So silenced are they that Jackson is tweeting about how they should take their Bibles to work and proselytize to the unclean masses AKA people who have better things to do...like their jobs.  It has always been a rather curious thing watching people who claim they are being silenced, constantly yap about it....like annoying chihuahuas.  Talk about having blinders on.  What's most distressing about this particular idea is the notion that many people, who may not be overly 'faithful' or even Christian, will have endure this very disruptive and incredibly presumptuous event.  As the TTM has noted before, for a group that claims they've lost their right to speak, they sure do a lot of talking, screaming and preaching.  Then again, cognitive dissonance is a word they can't spell let along comprehend.  No matter, the TTM gets this one easily enough....

Original tweet:


We wonder how she'll feel next week, when it's bring your Satan's Bible to work day?

end of line......

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