Thursday, September 19, 2013

Well, at least you admit to being the new Rome....

We don't here from Dennis 'not such a menace' Miller that often but, every once in awhile he pops up with some small attempt at wit that speaks a greater truth than he may admit.....that and he sometimes really shows what a douche he is.  In this case, he snidely compares A)  Obama to Nero and B) that he's fiddling while C) the Empire AKA Rome AKA U.S.A., is twerking.  Yes, you read that correctly, Rome AKA America, is not burning, it's twerking. Insert eye roll here.  This tweet is apparently funny and insightful, to who we're not sure but hey, it's Miller Time on Fox and he has to do utmost to at least appear "au courant."  Funny thing is, and there is something funny here, in tweeting this smarm, Miller has actually let a 'not so secret' cat out of  the bag; to wit: America is indeed an Empire with Imperial Global aspirations.  This is a big deal in a way because, it belies the fiction that many right wingers claim.  That fiction being that America is NOT an Empire and has no Imperial designs.  Of course, we didn't have to wait for Miller to show us the truth, all one has to do is look up the following: Manifest Destiny, the Monroe Doctrine or The Project for the New American Century.  Google any or all of them and see the truth laid bare.  Now, to the second meaning of the tweet, which is just as blatant and obvious that it barely requires explanation.  Obama is Nero.  That's right Dennis, Obama is a megalomaniacal egotist who has designs on destroying America.......except that he really isn't and doesn't. Obama is far from perfect but, as some in LGBT community might say: Bitch Please!  Comparing Obama to Nero as Rome burns sorry, twerks, is flawed in so much as Obama didn't set the fire/twerk, the republicans did.....he's trying to put it out while they trip him up at every turn.  Play your snide games, tweet your smarm as you will but please, spare us the false equivalencies, it bores us and, worse still, it insults our intelligence.

Original tweet:


Ave Neo Roma!

end of line.......

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