Thursday, September 19, 2013

Financial terrorism..... mean like what Wall Street did to the American middle-class in '07 - '08?!? Oh Glenn, how we love your hyperbolic 'tour de force' howls.  Yes, Glenn "the Mormon Moron" Beck is back with another over the top tweet that, you guessed it, involves the word terrorism.  You see, Glenn is under the impression that one of the tactics potential terrorists will use against 'Murika (not to be confused with America) is financial in nature. Now, how exactly would that work?  Would the terrorists destabilize the economy by, say, deregulating the banking industry to the point where they collapse from their own greed thus causing an economic meltdown? Is that the plan?  If it is, you might want to tell them Wall Street beat them to it.  This tweet really is just so much scaremongering disguised as faux-concern.  Beck asks a question that, frankly, has already been asked and Wall Street on both counts.  Sure, in the future, some terrorist group could mess up the U.S. or global economy but how much worse could it be.  As we said, Wall Street kinda did that already.

Original tweet:


I speak for those who can' money.

end of line......

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