Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Suffer the little children.......of straight parents

Poor Brian 'brownshirt' Brown, he's caught himself the dreaded SFD (Selective Facts Disease).  SFD is a nasty viral infection that, when left untreated, causes the sufferer to tweet and bloviate about subjects while using incomplete and selective facts to bolster a POB (Position Of Bullshit).  The tweet below is of particular interest because, it shows the more extreme side-effects of SFD, that being full on MUS (Make Up Shit). Brown tweets, rather gleefully, that 60% of kids still live with their married, heterosexual, parents......Bravo, I guess.  One has to wonder about the other 40% and why Brian doesn't give a damn about them....but we digress.  The tweet is meant, one assumes, to somehow shore up the notion that straight parents are somehow better than other parents (read gay).  Unfortunately, like most sufferers of SFD, Brian purposely omits the other stat in regards to same sex parents and their children.  Tragic is the only word one can use for sufferers of SFD and MUS but there is a cure!  It's called RSOTTB (Reading Something Other Than The Bible).  That said, like alcoholism, sufferers of SFD and MUS have to admit they have a problem before treatment can begin.

Original tweet:


Damn those pesky facts.

end of line......

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