Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Then what about Canada? The Netherlands? Denmark? etc.......

Look at you Bryan.......look at you go!  Here's a quick little tweet that sums up Bryan "Lyin' Fissure" Fischer's myopic worldview.  In the tweet, Bryan states, quite categorically, that the big G blesses or curses countries based on how they treat Israel and Christians.  Hmmmmmm, that's an interesting posit to offer Bryan.  Let's try it out, shall we?  Ok, first Canada: has same-sex marriage for 10 years, has legal abortions, has a secular government and Church and State are de-facto separate: Cursed with having ridden out the economic collapse virtually unscathed, have a healthy and literate citizenry and strong, peaceful society.....if this is cursed, we can't wait to be blessed.  Contrast with 'Murika (not to be confused with America): Blessed with a deficit caused by a republican God fearing President, an economy still struggling and a government in paralysis.  Cursed with Tornadoes, Floods, Shootings and various other natural occurrences. Now, we don't know how you may all feel but, from our perspective, it would appear that God is unimpressed with 'Murika.  So Bryan, what does that say about your tweet? Care to explain this rather glaring disconnect? Just askin'

Original tweet:


Yup, God hates us....or is it U.S.

end of line.....

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