Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Religious freedom for all....well....not all

Oh dear, Bryan just can't stop today, can he.  In the following tweet, Bryan laments the arrival of 'Sharia' law in the U.K......not that it really has.  No, what bothers Bryan is the notion that a defendant in court is being permitted to keep her face veil on.  Now, on this particular point, we agree with him .....we understand that hell may have just frozen over.  However, we only agree on the principle that  no one, for any reason, should be allowed to hide their face in court. The problem is, Bryan doesn't leave at that and, strangely, he contradicts one his 'principles' in doing so.  You see, for Bryan, allowing this to happen automatically means the U.K has somehow passed Sharia law......except, no.  What happened was, are you sitting down Bryan?, the court allowed the defendant to exercise her religious freedom as guaranteed by law.  Let me repeat that Bryan: the defendant is exercising her religious freedom.  Oooh, that's gotta burn.  You see Bryan, when people like you screech and holler about religious freedom, you do so for all religions, not just yours. We understand that this is an inconvenience but there it is.  Once again, Fischer is hoisted on his own petard of duplicity and hypocrisy.  TFB.  You want religious freedom, unfettered by any interference, this is what you get.  Of course, for secular types like us, we can argue the logic of not allowing it without having to be hobbled by any dubious claims.  Silly Bryan.

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Be careful what you wish for......

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