Thursday, September 12, 2013

An exception to an exceptional......

Poor Bryan "Lyin' Fissure" Fischer, 'Murika isn't all that.......qu'elle surprise! Well, at least to him it is.  We are always amused by the arrogance and presumptive nature of the "USA! USA!" crowd, forever believing that the United States is somehow the end all and be all of humanity......uh no, no it's not.  Listen, the U.S. was a great nation once upon a time but, truth be told, after George Jr. got through with it, it's more of a fixer-upper.  It's not that the U.S. still isn't great at some things, they do mass killings/war really well and, when it comes to jailing people, they're numero uno!  On matters of freedom and lawful so much.  Sad truth is, after 9/11, America became insular, introspective and deeply suspicious; not only of outsiders but of each other as well. From the ever simplistic cries of "they hate us because of our freedoms" to "It's Islam, they're evil", Americans have allowed themselves to believe they bear ZERO responsibility for anything that has happened to them and, more to the point, how they have fallen so far.  The rest of planet doesn't hate the U.S., we certainly don't, but we also have no illusions as to what America has done to itself. So fearful now, Americans cling to the false security that, 'if we just arm ourselves to the teeth', people will leave us alone......except no. They won't.  It's much more complicated than always is.  Truth be told, for the U.S. to once again be great, it must first accept that it's flawed, that it has weaknesses and, most importantly, it must accept that it is not the epitome of freedom or perfection.  Sweden and Norway are more free in regards to civil rights.  Denmark has a freer economy and France, well, she arguably has the best health care system in the world.  The point being, when people like Fischer tweet such trite nonsense, in a cynical attack on the President, as the below, he cheapens the notion of exceptionalism.  Is America exceptional.....not at the moment....but it could be again. But, for that to happen, America must understand, it can no longer stand alone.

Original tweet:

America could be exceptional......if it got rid of Lyin' Fissure

end of line.......

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