Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Squeak...squeak.....is this on?

America's favorite squeaky toy is tweeting her ever so impotent sad face over the arrival of Al-jazeera on American cable......the horror is just too much.  Adding 'insulting our intelligence' to her head injury, she laments that it will premiere on Sept. 11th!!!! OMG! the nerve!  Except that no, no, it won't......but hey, why let a right wing dog-whistle opportunity go by.  It's a silly tweet that speaks volumes to a much more dangerous reality, that being; conservatives in the U.S. are so hellbent on controlling the narrative in regards to information that they will do anything to ensure that only their 'information' gets out. Of course, it's a cynical ploy, one that serves as a reminder that; for all their professions of wanting a free flow of information, the truth is nowhere near that laudable.  So here we have the squeaky toy doing her best to obfuscate and scare the masses in Teabagistan..........scary indeed.

Original tweet:


Now Victoria, if you're that concerned about Al-jazeera, the TTM suggests the use of a powerful device that can rid your TV of any unwanted visuals.  See figure (A):

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