Monday, September 2, 2013

On a serious note....

Normally, the TTM is usually quick with a quip when it comes to Bryan "Lyin' Fissure" Fischer but, given his history when it comes to minorities, this particular tweet is a not so subtle revelation of Fischer's oblivious tone deafness when it comes to race relations in America.

Consider, for a moment, that once upon a time, the Republican Party was the party of Lincoln, a president who enacted  the biggest civil rights law in the land at the time: the Emancipation of slaves...... the Republican Party is right to acknowledge this great event......if only to remind themselves of how far from Lincoln they have traveled. Today, the Republican Party is barely a shadow of it's former self.  Populated by overzealous religious extremists and hijacked by Tea Party and far right pseudo-conservatives, the Republicans are now the party of NO. NO to civil rights.  NO to the Voting Rights Act. NO to immigration reform. NO to a jobs bill.  NO to......well, you get the picture.

Not content to merely become the party of NO, they have also become, by the insidious infection that is rigid ideological politics, the party of blissful ignorance and superstition.  Gone are the days of logical argument and co-operation now replaced with pandering and puerile pursuits.  Once, where great men and women would offer reasoned opposition, America is saddled with a party that is so out of touch with its own bias' that a tweet like the one below is seen as necessary. Think on that for a moment.

The tweet in questions deals with this announcement by the Illinois Republican Party.  John Anthony, a sheriff's deputy in Kendall county, has been chosen to sit in the Legislature.  This, in itself is good news and a simply congratulations should suffice; but, apparently not.  Does Fischer see his own party as so lacking that he feels the need to point out that they, the Republican party, actually chose a black man?!? Why is that news or, more importantly, why is it news to Fischer?

 Bryan Fischer, a republican party cheerleader, a man who regularly attacks minorities and those he sees as "ideologically" impure, thinks so little of his party that he must bolster their gravitas among blacks by making a point of it. "See, see, Look what we did!" It's a condescending tweet made all the more so by Fischer's need to capitalize.

Fischer does more to insult the candidate, John Anthony, than he does to elevate him.  It's a cynical ploy and a cynical tweet.

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Cynicism 101

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