Friday, September 6, 2013

It's wretched I tell you.......wretched!

Blah, blah, blah.........Bryan "Lyin' Fissure" Fischer is at it again.  Beating that poor dead nag known as "only Christians should have rights."  Today, Bryan is whining ever so about a new ordinance passed by the city of San Antonio, Texas.  The ordinance is simple, clear and to the point: basically it says you can't discriminate against people when dealing with the public.  Shocking I know......that a law actually has to be passed to ensure people treat others with simply courtesy and dignity.  The specifics of the ordinance deal with businesses, as well as government officials, not being allowed to use religion as a basis for denying services and/or products to people who don't happen to share the same faith or political ideology.  Again, a law was needed for this?  What does that say about society? nothing good we suspect.  So, with the law passed, Bryan now sees this as another attack on his 'sincerely' held belief that treating people like shit is what Jesus would do.  Seriously, he really does believe the crap he spouts. He is so enthralled with his martyr complex that he sees this ordinance as somehow rendering Christians second class citizens.....oh please, and he calls gays drama queens?!?  Anyway, the law is passed and if Christians want to be douchebags about it, let them.  The days of the religious hegemony is slowly, too slowly for some, coming to an end.  What we're hearing aren't legitimate concerns but, in fact, the last gasps of breath from the monster that is unbridled religious bigotry.

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What would Hate-Jesus do?

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