Friday, September 6, 2013

I'm not Putin you on.

The Donald has spoken and, apparently, he's not angry......that's a first! Yes, the Donald.  He of the Orangutan hair and surly disposition, Capitalist extraordinaire (at least in his own mind) and failed comedic presidential candidate has declared that Russia and China has smarter governments, NAY Leaders, than the United States.  That's right, Donald Trump believes a Thug (Putin) and a communist country (China) are far more advanced intellectually than a Harvard Law School President/President of the United States.  If it weren't so obviously cynical, it would be funny. How pathetic must Trump be that he so hates the President that he now opines that former KGB goon Vladimir Putin is a better man than Obama? Seriously? This is what passes for discourse?  Of course, no one should be surprised really, it's Trump after all.  A man so full of shit one wonders how he could survive if he ever took a dump. The Donald tweets this gem, not out of any real respect for Putin or the is all about slamming the President, you know, the black guy. It must be terrifying for angry, straight, white men of privilege to have to acknowledge bizarre their world must be. That all said, what Trump tweets is pure cynicism.

Original tweet:


Someone needs a timeout

end of line.....

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