Friday, September 6, 2013

Can't we all just get along......

Yes, yes we can, as soon as the reich-wing in 'Murika stops whining.  Glenn "crybaby" Beck is tweeting his wit, he wants to know why we all can't get along.  Truth is Glenn, we can get along, in fact, most of us do.  The problem isn't us, it's you and people who think like you.  For far too long, the conservative, Christian/Religious base in 'Murika has been allowed to dominate the narrative on social issues. They cajole and bully their views onto a, much more liberal than they care to admit, public that is weary of the constant drumbeat of negativity and, in some cases, outright hostility against anyone they perceive as "the Other."  You want to get along Glenn? Well here's a suggestion: stop demanding that everyone who doesn't believe in your cult be subservient to it.  Further, stop trying to relegate those who are not like you to second class citizenship.  Finally, don't be so damned hateful and vile.  People should not have to 'go along' to get along.....that's sophistry at its worst.   The fact of the matter is, Beck and his ilk are the cause of their own misery.  They whine about others having the same rights, responsibilities and opportunities as they have like some spoiled petulant child.  No Glenn, you keep your cult out of our lives and we'll consider playing nice.

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Religion, it does the world no good.

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